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Restoring Your Dock

Restoring your marine dock or pier can be a really great, affordable way to have a brand new dock for a fraction of the price. Our quality experts will look at your dock and see exactly what it is we can salvage. Whether it is the infrastructure or the pilings or even the deck boards we will provide you with our honest opinion on what exactly it is we will be able to reuse and what will need to be removed and replaced.  

Here is a Before and After Picture of what restoring a dock can do for you! We were able to save the boat dock roof for a nice shaded area on the dock that is now used for relaxing evenings on the bay!


Pensacola Dock Construction.jpg


Peredido Key Dock Repair.jpg

This pier would have been a total lost and complete rebuild with most other marine construction companies costing almost 3 times as much when you can have amazing results like this with a more friendly budget. 

And We Promise Satisfaction!!!

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